A hub of information, training, and resources
for holistic violence prevention.

Free Webinar: “Responding to Shooting Threats: Strategies for Schools”

What is holistic violence prevention?

Holistic violence prevention addresses the complete systems of pathways and precursors to violence. Rather than focusing on a single solution, holistic prevention examines and responds to the root causes of violence at the individual, institutional, and societal level.

The Off-Ramp Project provides a free toolkit for preventing violence.

A hub of resources focused on mental wellness, peer support, mentoring, advocacy, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, and trauma organized by US state.

Free online professional development and training in crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and more, for professionals in K-12 school or higher education settings and workplace HR, safety and security.

Our step-by-step violence prevention protocol for K-12 schools and workplaces that re-imagines traditional behavioral “threat assessment”. Free fillable forms to download and print.