No Notoriety Campaign

“No Notoriety” challenges the media to follow their drafted protocol that will help reduce mass shootings that are due to media-inspired fame. This can be done through being aware that infamy can breed copycat crimes, and when reporting, report facts about the mindset and motivational profile, not the perpetrator’s name or showing their photo, unlessContinue reading “No Notoriety Campaign”

S.4066 The Platform Accountability and Consumer Transparency Act (PACT Act)

The bill would update Section 230, a part of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, by making platforms more accountable for their content moderation policies and providing more tools to protect consumers. It focuses on increasing transparency, accountability and consumer protection by requiring online platforms to explain content moderation practices in an acceptable use policy easilyContinue reading “S.4066 The Platform Accountability and Consumer Transparency Act (PACT Act)”