Online Education and Training

Learn directly from The Violence Project’s Dr. Jillian Peterson and Dr. James Densley! Here at, we offer two FREE online learning modules.

Our first program meets the needs of education professionals in K-12 and college or university settings, empowering them with essential skills and insights.

Our second program caters to HR and safety and security professionals from other workplace settings, providing versatile training that is applicable in a variety of contexts.

Both courses include customized video presentations on:

  • Data-driven violence prevention
  • Creating a caring culture
  • Mental health, crisis intervention, suicide prevention
  • The R-Model™ — Ready, Respond, Refer, and Revisit
  • Social media literacy and internet safety (*schools only*)
  • How we all can help stop the mass shooting epidemic

Take one of our courses today and join the fight against violence in our schools and workplaces.

Support Us

Please consider donating to The Violence Prevention Project Research Center 501(c)(3) to help sustain and expand our online learning options. A $50 donation is suggested, but any amount, big or small, will make a meaningful impact. To contribute and help us create a safer and more caring world, simply visit our website. Thank you for being a part of this essential mission!