Threat Assessment Reinvented

Introducing the R-Model™, an innovative violence prevention protocol designed specifically for K-12 schools. This groundbreaking approach re-imagines conventional behavioral threat assessment methods. With crisis intervention and suicide prevention at its core, the R-Model™ —Ready, Respond, Refer, and Revisit—encourages schools to establish dedicated teams and protocols for holistic violence prevention. When students face crises, it facilitates prompt and effective responses, ensuring proper referrals to support and essential resources. Moreover, the R-Model™ emphasizes continual check-ins with students and other stakeholders to foster ongoing support.

Originally developed as a law enforcement protocol (Peterson, Densley, & Erickson, 2019), the R-Model™ has been skillfully adapted into a highly effective school-based crisis intervention and violence prevention model. The R-Model™ challenges conventional notions of behavioral threat assessment by emphasizing the vital importance of investigating any and all signs that a student is in crisis, not solely limited to threats of violence. Experience the power of the R-Model™ to keep your school community safe and secure.

4-Step R-Model Overview
Crisis Intervention 4-Step Model
4D’s Behaviors to Report
Solutions Overview

Fillable Forms

Form 1: Making a Report
Form 2: Establishing A Crisis Response Team
Form 3: Resource List
Form 4: Crisis Response
Form 5: Interview Form
Form 6: Individualized Plan of Support
Form 7: Revisit

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The road to violence is long – let’s build more exits.